XS750 by Ugly Motorbikes

This 77" Yamaha XS750 triple was built by Ugly Motor Bikes in Southern California and is now on sale on Seaweed and gravel site.com/blogs/news. The electronics and battery have been relocated and hidden under the custom metal seat/tail. The motor has been rebuilt with custom engraved filtered velocity stacks and one off 3-3 baffled exhaust give this bike an aggressive sound that should put a smile on any enthusiasts face. The matte finish and use of leather gives this bike, according to to S&G, an overall look of a gentleman's racer with the simplicity of the "girl next door". Whatever they say, I like it. 

Questa Yamaha XS750 del 1977 modificata Cafe Racer è stata costruita da Ugly Motorbikes a San Diego in California ed è ora in vendita sul sito Seaweed and gravel. L'elettronica e la batteria sono stati spostati e nascosti sotto la coda artigianale in metallo. Il motore è stato ricostruito con gli abituali cornetti lo scarico libero 3in3 dare a questa moto un suono aggressivo che dovrebbe infondere il buon umore in ogni appassionato. La finitura opaca e l'uso di pelle dà questa moto, secondo S&G, un un look da gentleman's racer con la semplicità della "ragazza della porta accanto". Qualunque cosa dicano, mi piace.

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  1. Yes,its really an ugly motorbike which was made with a different aim but it was not accepted.


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