The BSMC Event II Early report

Shinya's Sportster, Deus' Domi, It Rocks XJR

Last weekend at the Shoreditch Studios in London, the well known Motorcycle Club (and website) "The Bike Shed" held its second event. Lots of nice special bikes have been on show in the studios: cafe racers, brat/bobbers and so on, several of which you had the chance to admire at the Inazuma Cafe in the past. Here we post an early report with the shots published by the BSMC itself and Down and Out Cafe Racer.

Lo scorso fine settimana presso gli Shoreditch Studios di Londra, il noto club motociclistico (e sito web) "The Bike Shed", ha tenuto il suo secondo evento. Un gran numero di fantastiche special erano in bella mostra: cafe racer, brat, bobber etc, molte delle quali avete avuto occasione di ammirare in passato all'Inazuma Cafè. Abbiamo qui un primo report dell'evento, con gli scatti pubblicati dagli stessi BSMC e Down and Out Cafe Racer

RB Kustoms
CMBL motorcycles and surfboards
Foundry MC
Tom's XJ550
The Foundry's beemer
Mark's RS500
Roy Cook's VTR/VFR/Busa

Gunnar's Z750 Black Bullett

Auto Fabrica

Clutch Customs' XS650
CMBL motorcycles and surfboards
Deus Domi

Down & Out's Suzuki Tempter

Down & Out's CB450

Kevils' Beemers
Steve Potter's Norzuki

Untitled MC's Triumph

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