GS1200SS by DMW

Why this bike has never been imported in Italy and in many other western countries is a mistery for me. This GS1200SS built by Double Motor Works from Nagano was on stage in Nagoya during the last Joints Custom Bike Show. Custom tank from a GSXR 1100, GSX1400 swingarm, custom exhausts, Brembo brakes, new shocks and much more... 

Perché questa moto non sia mai stato importata in Italia e in molti altri paesi occidentali è un mistero per me. Questa GS1200SS realizzata dalla Double Motor Works di Nagano era in mostra a Nagoya durante l'ultimo oints Custom Bike Show. Serbatoio modificato di un GSXR 1100, forcellone GSX1400, scarichi artigianli, freni Brembo, nuovi ammortizzatori e molto altro...

Sorry for the low quality pics

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