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In Oregon, la C&C Motorcycles di Portland ha recuperato questa SR500 abbandonata e l'ha riportata a nuova vita. Semplicità, funzionalità e raffinatezza... Eleganza dell'essenzialità di una moto pressocchè sconosciuta in Italia.

Scrive Thor Drake sul suo sito: "This bike is incredibly fun to ride. The upright bars are a hat tip to the late Evil Knievel. All aluminum body parts make the bike light and sleek. The motor has some nice tune-ups, big ol’ Mikuni pumper carb and ¼ throttle reacts with neck-breaking action. All the underwear has been painted Nemo blue, which reflects off all the shiny parts with subtlety. The Dunlop K-180’s were an obvious choice being that they are popular. Wide and really gummy, these shoes make the bike fun for rousting around town. Braking was supplied by McKernin Machine and a full Brembo set up. One-piece all stainless super trap was hand-crafted fusing all the pieces together by Heath Exhausts. Just because I had them in my old tool box, some NOS vibration grips for some nice finishing touches".

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