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Un omaggio a Bob Magill (1917-2005), fotografo storico del motociclismo statunitense ricordato nel 2007 su the Jockey Journal. Le didascalie delle foto sono di Dean Adams.

Don & Marge Fera, 1940s. Back then, race bikes had hand-shifters, metal number plates and if your gal had nerve she showed just a hint of leg.
Unknown rider, unknown race. At speed.
While those wobblers James Dean and Brando get all the press about riding bikes in the 1940s and 50s, character actor Keenan Wynn actually raced motorcycles (as did Howard Hawks). Here Wynn (with cigar) fills up for his riding pals, about sixty-odd years ago.
Don Emde's dad, Floyd, on the grid of the 1940 Oakland 200 mile race.
Riverside, 1949
Lincoln Park, date unknown

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