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"Rusty" (rugginosa) è la moto di Eric che fa l'architetto a Portland, nell'Oregon. Una città di cui ho scritto spesso negli ultimi giorni e dove, evidentemente, la cultura café ha messo buone radici e ora fiorisce in molti garage e angoli di strada. Eric è appassionato di moto e ha mandato queste foto e qualche intrigante riga di commento a Rex, il mio amico Aussie di Project garage... Letto... e fatto... Ribloggo qui all'Inazuma Cafè per gli aficionados che non vogliono traversare due oceani per vedere l'originale del post... O della moto...

Eric racconta: “I affectionately named the bike Rusty, due partly to its original paint scheme, but also the copious amounts of rust still present on the bike when I bought it. The builders in Portland seem to be going for a very rough, grungy look, and I kind of liked it. I owned a bunch of Italian beauties over the years, then eventually moved towards Japanese track machines. I picked up dirt biking about 5 years ago and have been hooked. I also ventured into supermotos, but crashed in my first race and tore my ACL. That led to a bunch of down time which eventually led to me purchasing Rusty. The bikes kept getting faster and faster, but I started longing for a slower, funner, naked bike of some sort to ride on the street at more reasonable speeds. I’d owned a Monster, but wanted something even more unique. I’d been collecting images of café racers for the past few years. I loved the pure, shiny café racers, but also loved the fat tired, all matte-finish bikes. I didn’t even know the term Brat existed at that point. While recovering from my surgery, and having some cash on hand from selling my dirt bike, I decided I was ready to buy a café racer. After several weeks of Craigslist and ebay shopping, I stumbled upon “Rusty”. I was blown away. The second I saw it I knew it was exactly what I wanted. More unique and interesting than a café bike; the proportions were perfect to me. I LOVE rusty. I ride him more than all my other bikes.

Courtesy of Project Garage Motorcycles

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