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Few days ago, Sergio Bayarri, CEO and project engineer at Sbay Motor Company, was so kind to choose Inazuma cafè for sharing some pictures of his new dream bike: the Jerry. But today Sergio did more for us. I have the pleasure to publish an additional set of pictures of the new Jerry and, most of all, a complete interview about it for the readers of the Inazuma Cafè. You cannot miss it!

Alcuni giorni orsono, Sergio Bayarri, anima esecutiva e progettista della Sbay Motor Company, mi ha fatto l’onore scegliere l’Inazuma Cafè per condividere alcune foto in anteprima della nuova dream bike della Sbay: la Jerry. Ma oggi Sergio ha fatto di più per noi. Ho il piacere di pubblicare un ulteriore set di immagini della nuova Jerry e, soprattutto, una completa intervista al riguardo per i lettori dell’Inazuma Cafè. Un post imperdibile.

Luke: What kind of bike is the Jerry?
Sergio Bayarri: I like to say that Jerry is a “ferocious wolf in sheep’s clothing”. If speed was our main goal on the Flying, comfort and ease of use is mandatory for the Jerry. A bike built to become a daily cruiser without the need of dressing up like Dart Vader. No need to curve your back to reach the controls, no need to stretch your legs to reach the footrests. The riding position is plain and simple, everything is located where your body demands, thus giving the rider the ease of use a daily cruiser must yield.
Luke: The bike is certainly a lowride, but it seems to have a very long wheelbase… Are you sure that in order to avoid Dart Vader, you don’t end up needing Ian Solo for driving it?
Sergio Bayarri: It could look longer, but Jerry has just the same wheelbase of a regular Harley-Davidson Softail. Launching from standstill with the Flying was tricky due to the short wheelbase, front wheel was always eager to become airborne and expert hands were mandatory. The longer wheelbase present in the Jerry is responsible for keeping that front wheel on the track thus allowing the rider to unleash all the power provided by the 110” evo engine .
Luke: Did you sacrifice handling in order to have a strong stability?
Sergio Bayarri: In Sbay Motor Co the power to weight ratio is mandatory and through the extensive use of carbon fibre we have reached a total weight of 206 kg. The handling of the Jerry is directly related to it´s power/weight ratio and we are proud to announce that the Jerry´s performance is phenomenal. Handling of the Jerry is directly related to rider stance, thus riding with a comfortable position is not the best way to attack corners. None the less the Jerry has 17” rims to reduce centrifugal forces responsible for keeping the bike upright when entering a turn and the footrests have been strategically placed to allow the leaning angle to reach 56 degrees. Leaning at this angle will take you to the edge of the tyres ,which for us is more than enough.
Luke: Are you saying that the Jerry is a 1800 cc easy to use?
Sergio Bayarri: The Jerry is an easy bike to ride, light and comfortable. The more you ride it the better you will feel. And as you become more familiar with the bike you will be able to explore its limits. By the time you reach the bikes limits you will come to realize you are riding like a maniac, and you will look at the Jerry with different eyes.

Luke: As you did for the Flying, once again you used state of the art components… This will cost to the customers…
Sergio Bayarri: Sbay´s main goal is to produce motorcycles that perform, thus the suspension and brake configuration must be directly related to the bike’s performance. Front dual 300mm Galfer wave discs with Brembo 4 piston calipers and ISR brake pumps and rear 260mm Galfer wave disc with ISR 2 piston caliper and pump are responsible for stopping this rocket. Ohlins is responsible for keeping the bike on track. Girder front end has an Ohlins TTX with fully adjustable compression and rebound, and the rear swingarm is kept under control with an Ohlins with a satellite canister placed under riders seat to allow for changes on the rear suspension on the fly.
Luke: But this time you made much more than the project, the frame and the construction. Compared to the Flying, it looks that several components, like the triple, the forks, etc. are made in Sbay. Is that right?
Sergio Bayarri: Sbay Motor Co has recently acquired a new Haas CNC machining center and lathe. Having these excellent machines in our workshop has given us the advantage of designing and producing parts in a very short period of time, allowing for changes and adapting to our needs as the project took shape. All parts are machined in our shop, from the Girder front end to the beltdrive and Chassis.

Luke: The first shots you sent to Inazuma Cafè raised a great interest on the web. I also had an unusual amount of visits form US. I understand that a cruiser like Jerry could easily match the American tastes. Are you targeting that market?
Sergio Bayarri: Sbay will be soon establishing an assembly plant in the state of Florida where all bikes for the US market will be assembled. Our goal is to be fully operational by July 2012.
Luke: Is the Jerry ready for delivery? How many Jerries are you planning to produce?
Sergio Bayarri: Production for the Jerry is already underway, we are a small company and we intend to keep it that way, therefore production of the Jerry is limited to 50 units.
Luke: Ok, let us dreaming… Or stop dreaming! What is the baseline price for your last adult toy?
Sergio Bayarri: Price for the Jerry starts at 42,000 euros. For US customers price will be 48,000 USD
Luke: Thank you Sergio for dedicating your precious time to us.

TECH SPECS: Year: 2012 / Model: Jerry / Make: Sbay Motor Co.
Engine: RevTech 110” / Exhaust: 52mm stainless tubes, Mivv Titanium tails / Air Cleaner: Forcewinder / Transmission: Revtech 5 speed / Frame: Sbay aluminium / Forks: Sbay Girder Aluminium + carbon fibre / Shocks: Ohlins TTX front, Ohlins rear / Front wheel: Haan hubs, stainless spokes, Takasago rims / Rear wheel: Haan hubs, stainless spokes, Takasago rims / Front Tire: 120-70-17 / Rear Tire: 190-50-17 / Front Brake: Dual 3oo mm Galfer wave discs, Brembo radial 4 piston calipers / Rear Brake: 260 Galfer wave disc, ISR two piston caliper / Fuel Tank:Dual Sbay carbon fibre, 5.5 + 5.5 = 11 litres capacity / Oil Tank: In main tube of frame / Fenders: Front and rear Sbay carbon fibre / Handlebars: Sbay stainless / Headlight: Stainless / Taillight: Sbay polished aluminium, led lights / Hand Controls: ISR fully adjustable inverted / Handgrips: Rizoma / Foot Controls: Sbay / Footpegs: Platforms designed and machined by Sbay / Electrical: Sbay / Painter: Frame powder coated by ” Lacados Vela” / Graphics: no graphics / Polishing: Sbay / Chrome: no chrome / Seat: Wild hog (Italy) / Instruments: Motogadget / Credits: Gregory Arnold, Sergio Murillo, Paco, Motogadget, Mivv, ISR, HRG Spain, Rizoma,W&W.

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