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1952 Vincent Black Lightning. "Each year I build 1 to 3 bikes, but they are generally very specific & early factory racing machines of little interest to the motorcycling community as a whole. On occasion I indulge myself in creating a custom from something that should really have a proper restoration. Then I ride it to death. This is my take on a well known classic. It is VERY far from stock, but I am happy with the results. If you don't like it, or have ideas on improvement, by all means, please send me photos of the Vincent Black Lightning you customized lately." Jeff Decker - June, 28th 2010. Read more for details (and credits)!

Da tempo è in corso una polemica su questa realizzazione di Jeff Decker, che ormai risale a un paio di anni fa. C'è chi sostiene che sia un attentato alla purezza di una moto d'epoca di grande classe. C'è chi invece sostiene che si tratti di un capolavoro. Io vi propongo le belle foto di Michael Lichter apparse su Cycle World. Voi pensatela come credete.

Since a while there is an argument on this build by Jeff Decker, which is already a couple of years old. Some claim that it is an attack to the purity of such a stylish and classy vintage motorcycle. There are those who instead argues that it’s a masterpiece. I’m simply posting the fine pictures shot by Michael Lichter published on Cycle World. Think whatever you want to.

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