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"Mark Meisner likes things with two wheels"... E ne abbiamo la prova. Durante questo week-end ha documentato il Rusty Gold swap & meet in Amsterdam... L'Inazuma Cafè non si è sfatto sfuggire l'occasione. / "Mark Meisner likes things with two wheels"... This is the prove. During this week-end he took several shots at the Rusty Gold swap & meet in Amsterdam... The Inazuma Cafè hasn't missed the chance. / Photo editing by Luke (sorry Mark, hope u won't mind...)


  1. Inazuma stà sempre avanti! un amico di SpecialCafe

  2. Ma grazie, oh sconosciuto ammiratore!

  3. Thanks for sharing !!! Not very fond of the editting but as long you mention my name i don't mind :-)

  4. Thank YOU for sharing!!! My pleasure. Glad you don't mind.


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