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Presentata lo scorso gennaio da Dreams Factory, Goliardo è una special che si ama al primo sguardo, costruita in omaggio al celebre collezionista di Narni (clicca qui per saperne di più...). Finalmente è stata fotografata in motion dal mitico Roberto Brodolini che mi ha concesso in esclusiva alcune delle foto che appariranno sul prossimo numero di Special Cafè.

Officially presented last January by Dreams Factory, Goliardo is a sweet and vintage looking custom bike you love at first sight: a tribute to the famous collector from Narni (more details below and here...). “She” was finally photographed in motion by the legendary Roberto Brodolini who gave me some exclusive shots from the photo session for the next issue of Special Café magazine.

Just below the Municipality of Narni there is an extraordinary collection of about forty vintage motorcycles, fully restored: the oldest is a 1909 Motosacoche. The owner is Goliardo Filippetti, a retired motorcycle mechanic, well known in his hometown. The Dreams Factory is a project born from the idea of Paolo and Marco Lucci (father and son), with the aim of building special motorcycles: personal and one of a kind. The Goliardo is a unique motorcycle, entirely handmade. It required over 700 working hours including search & design, assembly, and it’s dedicated to this old passionate collector. The Goliardo's chassis is made of simple and ancient pieces of different origin, it has an integral braking system and a manual five-speed transmission. The engine is a Honda 350 cc two-cylinder single overhead with about 38 hp. Drum brakes: front 180 mm and 140 mm rear. The front wheel is 21", 36 spokes. The rear one is 19", 40 spokes. It can reach an estimated speed of over 90 mph and, therefore, it isn't  only a stylish gate. Each element has been assembled by hand, taking care of any little detail. Most of the bike has been designed and manufactured in house, whilst other components, where needed, were commissioned to local craftsmen.

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