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Thanks to all of these creators, anonymous or superstar poster makers, typographers and photographers which inspire me. My work is a respectful tribute to their talent. Thanks to all my dearest models, I declare them my profound gratitude, admiration and desire. Here I offer my homage to the beauty of their souls and earthly beauty. Respectfully and lovingly your, Lorenzo"

Con queste parole Lorenzo presenta i suoi lavori sul web. E' un artista ed un motociclista. I suoi soggetti preferiti, prevalentemente rappresentati in colori brutali, come il nero, il rosso ed il bianco, trattano di splendide, sexy ed eleganti modelle: donne meravigliose e bellissime moto. Ma, a dispetto della modernità e crudezza dello stile, l'unico modo con cui riesco a descrivere il suo lavoro è adottando il termine "classico". E questo a causa del reffinato gusto di Lorenzo per il vintage... Cosa che ci porta al punto: (all'Inazuma Cafè) siamo fisicamente dipendenti dall'intramontabile fascino dei classici e dal richiamo della modernità meccanica. Questa è la mia intervista (per ora solo in Inglese), a Lorenzo "Eroticolor",  The Aristocratic Motorcyclist.

With these words Lorenzo introduces his work on his website. He is an artist and a rider. His artworks, mainly in “brutal colors” such as black, red and white, treat about awesome sexy elegant models: both wonderful girls and beautiful bikes. But, despite the modernity and brutality of his style, the only way I can describe his work is “classic”. And this is because his refined taste for vintage. Which bring us to the point: we are addicted to the neverfading charm of the classics and to the appealing modernity of the mechanics… This is my interview to  Lorenzo,  The Aristocratic Motorcyclist.

The new series - first appearance on the web: expressly for Inazuma Cafè

Luke: Is your introduction applicable to your female subjects only, or can be considered suitable for any of your subjects, including motorcycles?
AM: The introduction is – of course – applicable to all of my works. Even if it was at 1st for my erotic work… I mainly consider myself an artisan and I totally agree when you talk about “classic”. I claim to carry on the traditional art of postermaking of A lost golden age. I’m a poster maker, not a painter or drawer, My work is aimed to be printed in a limited amount of copies. The idea of a single piece disturbs me. If I am a snob – and I am - it is not this way. I’m a falsifier of this lost world…

Luke: In a preceding interview you say that, years ago, when you were a “pale and sickly child” in the Carpathians, while you studied “black magic and other esoteric matters”, a wizard made a prophecy on you…
AM: I’m afraid that’s true! True as far as your imagination can get. When I was a child, this weird old man with a long white beard said to my family, more or less : « this boy will become a great artist… ». The prophecy played an important role in my life. Well, I had in mind something more exotic, such as a contrabandist, a revolutionary, or a motorcycle rider ... Nevertheless, I do my best to comply to the prophecy of this noble old wizard.
Due to the strict education I received, I am inclined to classicism, so I aimed my efforts to the search of the absolute subject of Art : the representation of Eros. Inexhaustible classic, eroticism is a practical witchcraft to ward death off. The other side of the coin-thanatos- is perhaps represented by the world of motorcycle ... another way to to ward death off. In short: Eros and Thanatos are inevitable when I immerse myself in my work, when I am not studying the secrets of the Sacred Texts… Or when I’m not riding…

Luke: I understand that you express yourself through the characters of (and the works performed by) Lorenzo Eroticolor and The aristocratic motorcyclist. The first is an estimator of the eros, of the female beauty, of the sensuality. The second is more a rider, a pop artist and a postermaker… Are these two character two faces of the same personality?
AM: My Aristocratic Motorcyclist series is published every two month on Cafè Racer magazine, which, in France, is a sort of Bible for the riders. My pictures are completed by my articles, where I give my own vision of riding, which is a very important part of my life. These covers and the related stories are only coming from my personal experience, my own fantasy. So, it’s absolutely normal that The aristocratic motorcyclist merge step by step with me, because it’s quite me!
My Eroticolor work is my label of quality. My trademark. For me these two parts are absolutely the same: my world. In fact I just tell my stories. Sometimes erotic, sometimes on the road. I want to give my tribute with my own vision, I want to tell a story with each pictures. And it’s my story. Not popular icons, or typical motorcycling crap - the ready-made ideas - used every day by several artists that you certainly know …

Luke: When I talk about café racer culture I refer to the simple classic pleasures: speed, freedom, solid metal, classic tastes. In this wider sense, is the café racer culture an inspiration to you?
AM: I’m not sure to be inspired by this, even if the “iconography” touches me. I’m inspired by the real day life. Perhaps “cafe racer” culture doesn’t exist anymore. That’s was then, in a specific place, but this is now. I like to think about an “underground” culture constantly evolving, reinvented by itself, and by people living in this environment.
At the same time, it seems to me that this “culture” has now become a marketing creation, based on few brat style products, even if this is an answer to the people’s need for something else than the mainstream “way of life”. I don’t like the idea of the “real” rockers, or “real” motorcycle. I don’t like people who think to be the gatekeepers, the pure and only ones. For me there is only two categories: the gentlemen and the others. The aristocratic motorcyclist is alone in the storm, going straight to hell - and the rest of the world is driving in ugly family van to go on Holidays!
I don’t care if you ride a Norton or if you built a bobber with a Japanese engine. What matters to me is your motivation. You can be disguised as an hero on your machine, but you’ll never be one, you can buy the very last showbike, the best leather jacket, it doesn’t change. Take the road and ride, maybe something will happen to you, maybe you will feel the life running inside you. But we will never be Heros, none of us. The time is over. The Modern life killed this spirit. We can just dream or play a sort of game for the most of us. Hell is the destination, believe me!

Luke: Why classic bikes only?
AM: Why? Because it ‘s harder to have a “motorcycle daylife” with such a bike! And perhaps I need this kind of roughness. I want to deserve my pleasure and feeling alive! ‘Cause I’m bored of perfect motorcycles, and I could enjoy a race to be the master of the road on a vintage bike. Because I’m prouder to succeed on a hard road, on a dangerous machine with no brakes! And certainly because I don’t want to give money to people who sell bike as they sell clothes. I need to feel the spice of life on my machine, in the mountains, when I start to believe I’m the king of the road… And certainly because of the particular sound of vintage motorcycles.
I often ride on modern “bikes” for Café racer magazine in France, and I must confess these bikes become quickly boring for me. Even if I have to admit that life can be easier on these machines. But if a I want a comfortable journey, I take a plane or a car. For me motorcycle is like a bondage pleasure… I need strong sensation!!! An in the vintage motorcycle world, you meet and work with more interesting people, it sounds that there is only passion in this way. Well, more passion I guess…

Luke: What experiences were in your opinion the most important for your project and why.
AM: I have the weird pleasure to meet in real the creatures and the motorcycles I desire to draw, I want to possess. Or maybe I have some kind of magical – black magic - power to make them appears. These experiences have built my world. They are all important. Without these I couldn’t tell any story.

Luke: Your first bike?
AM: I get my first machine at 10, it was a Velosolex 3800! I destroyed it maybe in 3 days, trying to get more power… After this, I used to steal my brother’s Honda 125…

Luke: Your very last bike?
AM: My seventh BMW, a 1969 r60/5, rebuilt with a 90s engine. Well it’s not completely finished at the moment. I also have the chance to ride my friends’ bikes very often. Now I ride a brand new Triumph Scrambler. Very Good bike, I admit, but maybe too much fashion oriented and easy for me…

Luke: What kind of motorcycles / brand you like the most?
AM: Here it is some words: motorcycles of character, clutch drive, slow gearboxes, etc… Something old, used, with big sound, acebar, 19 ' wheels, something with at min 65 cv, drum brakes… and of course I prefer twin or triple… Something you CAN work on by yourself. An aristocratic motorcycle, in fact!

Luke: A message to the readers of Inazuma Café and Special cafè magazine
AM: Maybe : Hey!!! Stop reading, jump on your motorcycle and let scream the engine!!!

Luke: Your dream on two wheels?
AM: I think happiness exist : it is desire. And I have a lot of desire about motorcycles, the 1st one is to ride and ride… MORE and more. Until the end of the Evil Road.

© Inazuma Cafè Racer 2012 - Photo courtesy by "The Aristocratic Motorcyclist"
All rights reserved - No reproduction allowed

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