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These are the Kristina's offerings to the God of Speed... More details below

Kristina Fender says about Bonneville Salt Flats on her blog: "Went there once, a couple of years ago, took back with me millions of pictures that I have been watching over and over on my computer and never felt like showing to anyone. Feel this kind of frustration of not seeing on those images nothing but a vague description of what is that no-mans land, called Bonneville. Fuck cars, fuck motorbikes, fuck all the rest, when you are in the middle of "The White" there is nothing else but you, the earth and that place where the God of Speed dwells.... Coming back this year to the 6th mile... lets try it again, theses are my offerings to Thee."

I say: masterpieces, as usual... And, bytheway, she's not a blogger.

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