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Carles from Calella, near Barcellona in Spain, sent me some pics of his entirely home made Inazuma. Probably not a super special "one of kind", and -IMHO- too much Bonnie oriented, but, once again, a lovely and easy revival of the bike we love. Yessss.


  1. Is a great pleasure and a big honor to see my bike on this site.
    Thanks for your coments

    1. Hi CARLE$, really interested in how you converted the seat (yes I know it is 3 years ago but it takes me a while to get around the web!) any pics/advice

  2. Hi Dinger, you will find some pics and details in this post:
    It's about my Inazuma (early customization), but the process it's pretty much the same. You'll need to cut the subframe and weld a bar to strenghten it. Then find a suitable seat. A Bonnie or a Legend seat can be adapted, cutting the front edge, then you'll need to remake the upholstery.
    Sorry, the post is in Italian, but at the time I wrote it, the blog wasn't in English yet.


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