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Al Distinguished Gentleman Ride può capitare di trovare moto come questa SP1000 di Maurizio, che ho incrociato qualche volta per le vie di Roma prima di conoscerne il proprietario... Per poi scoprire che è nato il mio stesso giorno, esattamente 10 anni dopo di me...

At the Distinguished Gentleman Ride you can also find a bike like the Maurizio's SP1000. I sometimes crossed it riding the streets of Rome before knowing the owner... And then I found out that he was born on my same day, exactly 10 years after me ...


  1. Thank you for being of the party!!!

  2. Fantastic bike, so pure!Hi, i'm Vincent Catry and I'm from Belgium.I'm very interested on how you made the rearsuspension with mono-shock and the adaptation of the powertransmision on the drumbrake.It's my dream to make a caferacer on the base of a Guzzi Le Mans so if you have some info on these items you can always mail me at catry.vincent@gmail.comIn case it works out thanks and congrats with the beautiful bike.Vince.

  3. Check your mail to contact the owner. Ciao


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