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For the several fans of the recently presented Ruby full-face helmet, “The Castel” is now available with a selection of visors: goggles with "Eclipse" peak visor (already available), hybrid, with "Visa" snap-on shield, originally designed for the Pavillon helmet (already available), with "Loup" strap-on shield (available in December) and with snap-on "Astro" shield (which will be available in march 2013. It's a shame about the prices, not properly "on the road"...

Per i numerosi fan del casco integrale Ruby, presentato di recente, "The Castel" è ora disponibile con diverse soluzioni di protezione: con occhialoni e visiera "Eclipse" (già disponibile), ibrido, con il "Visa" originariamente progettato per il casco Pavillon (già disponibile), con il modello "Loup" dotato di elastico (disponibile da dicembre) oppure con la visiera dedicata "Astro" che sarà disponibile per marzo 2013. Peccato i prezzi, non esattamente "on the road"...

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  1. Yeah, their prices are ridiculous. As far as I'm concerned they're part of an emerging group of 'brand hipsters' who are adopting motorcycle riding as a segway to creating yet another over priced fashion elitist's clothing brand similar to Dolce Gabanna or Chanel or similar. I call them 'poser accesories'.


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