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A Laverda 1000 engine in a Rau frame: exciting mix presented by Custom Wolf at the recent Custombike Show in Bad Salzuflen (Germany). Photo via the excellent Brauchi (unless otherwise specified).

This photo via Custom-Wolf FB page

Last two photo via DieCo Photography


  1. ... looks like i have to put the "watermark" deeper in the picture. :(

  2. It's up to you really. I like clean images.
    If you think this way of showing your pics is not appropriate, I'll remove them in a flash. Just let me know.
    In the meantime, once again, thank you for sharing your valuable contribution with the Inazuma Cafe readers.

  3. i really don't mind you taking the pictures from the blog - even the removal of the watermark is o.k. if it would/could stay on this site. because you include the "source" - but some dude maybe steals it from your blog without playing nice and all possible "track-back-info" is gone.

  4. I appreciate your point o view... But anyone can steal your marked pics and remove your signature as well without putting any link to the source the way I ALWAYS do...
    I don't mark my pictures, 'cose I simply don't want to waste them, while a lot of my editing work performed in recovering orrible shots (of nice staff) made by non-professional is regularly "stolen" from my blog and reblogged elsewhere without any credit.
    So what?
    I think it's part of the game, if you want to share your material.
    You choose.

  5. Uh uh... Sorry Brauchi. Too late!
    I have to apologyse. It already happened!
    I asked the blogger to put your link on his post! I'm confident he will do.
    ... Well, let's make it in this way. Your pics are now much more popular than before!

  6. ... the internet's like a bomb - good things spread like a blast.


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