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Enrica Citoni, model and photographer... La più bella di cafe Twin
Bruno, one of the two Cafe Twin Partner (Daniele where were you?)
Red shoes, high hills and trash... Enrica "Bidoni" Citoni you'r so sexy!
Roberto Brodolini of Special cafè between two Club59 members
Gianka, not just a DJ but a proper musician
Thanks to Gianca (from Velvet) for the great music
Tony (master coachbilder, the Inazuma master painter) and Asky Gardini (Special Cafe mag)
A couple of "very" Distinguished riders
Tony Malagodi (personal trainer, rider and... leather jackets' pusher) with "Brodo"
Rosaria Fiorentino, rider, cover girl and Club59 member
and last, but not least, sometimes beats, Bonnie Coratella members

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