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Inazumization of a contemporary CB1100. Who will be the first in Italy?


  1. Sorry, Luke... White House already is doing this...

  2. Dave, I know!
    I said IN ITALY!

  3. I'd personally like to start doing these in the States.. Sadly, none of the local Honda dealers are ordering them.. Sourcing the White House components is proving difficult, as well..

  4. I'm with you Dave. However, if you look at my sketch, I slightly changed the shape of the tank (wich is flatter than the Whithouse one) and of the side panels, in order to make them closer to the tank itself. Also the seat, in my sketch, is shorter than the Whitehouse component. Honestly, I don't know if my changes could be actually made on the real bike, but, given the result, I think it would be worth trying.
    The main problem, in Italy, is probably the cost of the changes that should be added to the price of a new 1100, which is in the range of 10,000 euro (say 13,000 USD)...


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