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For those readers who think that one Dominator from Spain per day is not enough, Inazuma Cafe has got another one ready for you. So you can compare and decide which one will be your companion on the dirt in 2014. This 1991 NX650 comes from OSB Soul Bikes and represents a very elegant and nice version of Domi, to consider carefully.

Per quei lettori che pensano che una Dominator Spagnola al giorno non sia abbastanza, Inazuma Cafe ne ha un'altra pronta per voi. Così potete confrontare e decidere quale sarà la vostra compagna di sterrati nel 2014. Questa NX650 del 1991 viene da OSB Soul Bikes e rappresenta una bella versione di Domi, molto elegante e da considerare con attenzione.


  1. I like the NSR 75 fuel tank :D.

    One more thing, to compare u should know the budget of the client and the requirements of the order too. I think that the last point was the cause of the ugly Honda Dominator of WrenchMonkeys.

    Salut i gràcies

  2. The "ugly" Domi by WM was due to the need to make a budget bike which, in addition, was required to be completely street legal: no different size of wheels, no hidden indicators etc etc... Nevertheless, it was different (which is a plus) but it wasn't certainly elegant nor vintage (which is definitely a minus). Have a look at the works of my friend Lollo Fugar Special Worker.
    And... happy new year!


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