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Around a professionally tuned Ducati 1198 SP engine, this time Radical Ducati built almost everything in Madrid. The result is the Matador a 138 kg beauty and beast at once (read the details in the rest of this post). Bravi!

Attorno ad un motore Ducati 1198 SP, preparato professionalmente, questa volta Radical Ducati ha costruito praticamente tutto a Madrid (leggete idettagli nel seguito). Il risultato è la Matador, 138 kg di bella e bestia allo stesso tempo. Bravi!

Technical details: RAD 02 Aluminium frame, subframe and swingarm; RAD 02 ergal triple clamps yokes and clip ons. Ohlins front fork and shock. Brembo callipers. Discacciati front and rear brakes, calipers and disks. Discacciati clutch radial pump. Domino quick gas throttle. Ergal regulable rear height rod. ITX aluminium forged wheels. Rizoma footrest. Ducati 1198 SP engine: ported heads, light flywheel, EVR antihooping clutch. Febur race water radiator. RAD 02 carbon fiber airbox with Jet Prime special air intakes with holders for injectors. Super Mario 2 in1 exhaust system. RAD “tail fish” megaphone. Custom electrical wiring. Aviacompositi race dashboard. Ballistic LIPO battery. Custom aluminium fuel tank and carbon fiber complete bodywork. Weight : 138 kg

Photos by Del Perro


Radical Ducati by Pepo Rosell

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