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Did you know? The Honda NX650 Dominator was produced from 1988 to 2002 and since 1994 it was built in the Honda factory of Atessa in Italy. Elsinore is the name of this nice scrambler, rebuilt in France by our reader Stephan Revol. Simple and sweet!

Lo sapevate? La Honda NX650 Dominator è stata prodotta dal 1988 al 2002 e dal 1994 era realizzata nello stabilimento Honda di Atessa in Italia. Elsinore è il nome di questa bella scrambler, ricostruita in Francia dal nostro lettore Stephan Revol. Semplice e dolce!


  1. Good question. Stephan didn't send me many details... I'll ask him!

  2. i used original exhaust with double Honda CRF 250 silencers


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