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1994 K75 RT (Police motorcycle) by Oliver - Florida, US
Story inside the post

"My name is Oliver, I'm 20 and this is my first build. All I have is a small one car garage but I managed to put this together after I met a friend who made the seat for the bike. We became friends for a bit until the beer took over and I learned a lot in that short time. The bike started as a police bike, I got it for 2000 from a guy who had a horrible accident on a different bike and broke both his legs. So a big ass Tourer he couldn't get his legs around. I took it and I had already rebuilt the prior bike I had which was a 71 CB350 but didn't want to mess up an old Honda like so many people do (half ass it). So I got it nice and sold it to find a bike less pretty to begin with. The 'K' bikes have gorgeous lines underneath everything and I wanted to just bring it out and make it simple and raw. So I pretty much decided everything to begin with and just had a checklist of things I wanted. I replaced or upgraded everything basically except the frame and engine. The engine is a just broken in K75, transverse 3-cylinder. The brakes have all been overhauled with a Ducati Brembo cylinder on the front and new Brembo for the rear... Front tire is a Pirelli Sport Demon, rear is a Diablo Rosso. Koso Digital Speedo with blue lighting for night time. Headlight is an oversized DCC, powdercoated also by Dime City Cycles Brooks leather grips (which required some serious machining from a friend to make work on the throttle). Tarozzi clip ons (...) completely adjustable). Replaced forks. OEM Joker Machine foot pegs. The bracket you see on the back holds an original Army Ammo can, I like it for storage... Handmade Aluminum seat... Handmade Aluminum rear light bracket. Seat and rear light done by an old friend of mine who is a phenomenal aluminum tig wielder and taught me everything I know when it comes to fabrication. Everything else (the fenders, the tank, the side panels and brackets were all done by yours truly). English wheeled, and hand made aluminum fenders - Oh dear, the shape of the fenders, let me say, is really personal (note by Luke) - The rear is lovely because it floats above the tire Singlesided swing arm. Upgraded Rear Mono Shock off of a 2013 Ninja 636, fully adjustable. Handmade aluminum side panels all polished heavily. JEGS ignition and starter incorporated into the side panel (This keeps the handlebars free from unwanted, bulky buttons). Handmade aluminum key switch bracket. Polished Clean Aluminum Tank, stripped and polished heavily. Rizoma mirrors (R69S style that come off the headlight, a throwback to the old Beemers). Aftermarket headlight and turn signal switch, and a very cool pit bike throttle. So that's that. I never thought so much about it until the day it was pretty much done. I got stopped by three people at traffic lights giving me there cards to either buy it or photograph it and now its become a pretty regular thing. Thanks to Eric, Mike, Lawrence, Tom and The Gypsy Cowboy Ranch. For the help and privileges they offered to get this bike done. Hope you enjoy. I just wanted to make the bike beastly and thats what I think I accomplished". If you like it, the bike is currently on sale on ebay.

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