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Rome, 28 September 2014: The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride
A day to remember! 
Photos by Enrica Citoni (Cafe Twin)


H.09.30 AM the meeting
H 10.45 AM: Ladies and Gentlemen, start your engines
H 10.46 AM: Riding time!
The Cafe Twin Team                                                                                         Mr. Mario Nanni
Love is... A Gentleman's ride Sunday morning                                  Lord Dino Romano and Mr Ciborio Garage
Mr. Groucho Inazumarx                                                             Mr. Mauro Big Panzolini
Be careful with your hairdressing Dear!
Lady Rosaria - Penelope Pitstop -Fiorentino                                                               ....and Mr. Dick Dastardly
Mr. Rik Mackey                                                                                       Lady Triton and friends
Gentlemen, since the very first ride
Isn't She lovely?                                                                                    The General's ride
Mr. Brittway Garage in person
Marcello come here!!!! Such a sweet Dolce Vita!
Oh, it's getting late!
Mr Grinta Bobber                                                                                           General Sandro Blasi
And.... Here we go!
Don't you think is a crowdy street dear! Oh, it's a crowdy road indeed Mr. Inazuma!
Oh my God... Mr Matteucci, from the East Coast, is here
Mr. Ciborio - The Granpa
Oh Dad it's such a good fun!
Mr Fabio Bruni and the young Lady Bruni

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