Night Racer by HDCA

Sportster Fortyeight 1200cc by HDCA Strasbourg, France

Specs: Screamin Eagle pistons and cams. Screamin Eagle 44mm. carb' and air intake. Altmann electronic ignition. XR front end with special ceramic disk brakes. Arlen Ness master cilinder and levers. Street rod triple tree. Triumph Daytona single swingarm. Chain conversion. Custom subframe and exhausts. Rizoma aftermarket details. Motogadget speedo. Custom aluminium Manx type gas tank and tail.

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You are reading Inazuma Cafe: probably the best Italian, English speaking, custom/caferacer motorcycles' website. / Siete all'Inazuma Café: probabilmente il miglior sito italiano, anche in lingua inglese, in materia di moto custom/caferacer.


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