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The awesome Honda VT500 custom supercharged by Strange Coast Motorcycles...

At Strange Coast Motorcycles they took on this project last year for a customer who wanted his little VT500 to be a little more exciting. Being their first year officially in business at Strange Coast they wanted to make a statement: “Most of the frame was redone, Modern suspension and braking, custom swing arm with exposed drive shaft, pro-link style suspension, R6 wheel machined and fabricated to accept VT drive shaft (not an easy task), turbo charging system with intercooling, Electronic fuel injection conversion from carburation, external waste gate, modified tank, custom metal tails piece and front fairing, all new gauges, custom paint and upholstery. Lots of other little details along the way”. They debuted at The One Moto Show 2015 in Portland, last February. 

Alla Strange Coast Motorcycles hanno avviato questo progetto l’anno scorso per un cliente che voleva la sua piccola VT500 un po' più eccitante. Essendo il primo anno ufficialmente in attività alla Strange Coast hanno voluto una pietra miliare: "La maggior parte del telaio è stato ricostruito, sospensioni e freni moderni, forcellone autocostruito con albero di trasmissione a vista, sospensione pro-link, ruote R6 lavorate per accettare la trasmissione cardanica (cosa non facile), sistema di sovralimentazione turbo intercooler, iniezione elettronica, valovola waste gate esterna, serbatoio modificato, coda e cupolino realizzati artigianalmente in metallo, nuova strumentazione, verniciatura e sella custom. E un sacco di altri piccoli dettagli… ". Hanno debuttato al The One Moto Show 2015 a Portland lo scorso febbraio. 

Dragos Toma - Strange Coast Motorcycles - Redlands, CA, USA


  1. Purchased this bike from strange coast. BUYER BEWARE of these guys. Bike didn’t run when purchased and was told it just needed a new tune…NOPE…this bike has never run well with the turbo setup. After 3 tuning shops and tons of research the outcome is clear the fuel management system was done incorrectly and will need to be rebuilt from scratch.

    The geometrics of the bike were also not taken into consideration and there is not enough clearance between the front wheel and the intercooler, if you decel quickly and or use the front brakes as shown in the video the wheel tears at the shroud and intercooler.

    Upon further investigation when attempting to “fix” the issues, this thing was put together with match sticks and bubble gum. I have a pile of zip ties that I removed as well as bolts that were cross threaded and/or too long or too short. The wiring was a rat's nest with components shoved into spaces that they jostle loose from.

    I will say that the welding and metal fab work seems to be done well.

    DO NOT purchase a bike from Strange Coast.


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