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The latest build by Piston Jockey, a one man juggling show, between a day job, girlfriend and kiddo. An unconventional 1977 Honda CB550

Nick Heij restores and modifies classic motorcycles in the diamond city of Antwerp, in Belgium “I was stuck in my car due to another traffic jam. Which Antwerp is pretty known for and damned myself that I didn't took the bike that day. Making the best of the situation I started searching the web for motorcycle/parts. This complete Honda CB550 just appeared on the local second hand site and i was able to buy this rollingrust bucket for almost no money. The previous owner told me on the phone she had been standing in a shed for about 16 years. I picked up the bike a few days later. My first intention was to use the engine to complete another CB ... But I got an other, different idea for this bike because of the original Rickman fairing which came with it. After getting the engine started easily by going through the normal process to get a bike started which has been standing for so long. I started getting my vision for this bike. Altering the bike without loosing the classic and original feeling of it. Using as much original part as i could but on the other hand giving it a whole new look without going overboard. 

"I dismantled the bike and did the following works...not in this order! Shortened the seat and looped it / Repositioned the shocks / Made a seatpan with a false sealing so the electronics underneath the seat are less visible. / Shaped the foam for the seat and sent it off for upholstery / Sandblasted, metalized and powdercoated the frame, rims, and all loose parts / Fitted new steering head bearings / Polished engine covers, front end and most aluminum parts / Respoke the rims and fitted Firestone Deluxe tires 18x4.00 and 19x4.00 / Refurbished the fairing as it was full of cracks / Found a NOS windshield / Added an extra brake breather at the rear brake drum / Dished the fuel tank / Velocity stacks on the carburator / re-jetted the carburator / Heatwrapped the 4 in 1 exhaust which has a smaller reduction so a trumpet exhaust could be fitted / Honed the cylinders / Fitted new piston rings / Renewed the valves setup / Made aluminum cockpit out of scrap aluminum which are mounted on the old handlebar mounts. Added LED's for indication lights. / Clip-ons / Renewed the rear brake pads / Fresh coat of black metallic paint.

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