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Guzzi V9 "Silver Knight" by OMT Garage, winner of "Lord of the bikes" Italy, 2016 edition 


  1. Non ho capito una cosa, ha tolto la leva del freno anteriore quindi ha un sistema per cui col pedale ripartisce la frenata su entrambi?

  2. If only it were as easy to get a decent "modern" leading-link fork, like the Tony Foale unit from the early '80s, as it is to get the Paughco replica Harley Springer forks, maybe THEN we'd see some really capable customs out there. Instead, everybody grabs one of THESE things when they probably know better! That, and the Pizza-Pan wheels? Make this bike suck. The holes drilled in the frame are the motorcycle project equivalent of grasping at straws 'cause you dunno wtf else to do. Or at least, that's what it SEEMS like. Sooo much more interesting stuff done with Guzzi chassis that's been & gone, one really has to wonder. I mean - you've got the welder & stuff, by the fiddling around with the sub-frame we can see that much. So why not put that energy into building a better springer fork? Just a brain-fart.


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