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1967 Honda CL

The Honda CL77 Scrambler was the off-road version of the Honda CB77 Super Hawk of the 1960s. It differed from the Super Hawk in several aspects. To increase ground clearance, it had upswept exhaust pipes running along the bike's left side. A bigger tube frame with a front downtube gave extra strength and ran through the space where the electric starter was mounted in the CB and CA models. Eliminating the starter gave clearance in the frame, and lightened the total weight of the bike. It had a small-capacity painted fuel tank, fork boots, 19-inch front and rear wheels, coarser-tread tires (called universals), a taller handlebar with cross-brace, and shorter fenders. The 305.4 cc (18.64 cu in) overhead cam engine had a redline of 9000 rpm, a real devolution compared to the low-revving European and American bikes of the same age. Running straight pipes with small internal baffles, CL77s had a loud and distinctive sound from the 180 degree firing order of its parallel twin. Who heard it knows what I’m saying… 

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