Eins zwei: Polizei - Fünf sechs: alte Hex

Eins zwei, Polizei - Drei vier, Grenadier - Fünf sechs, alte Hex
One two: Police / three four: grenadier / five six: old witch
Is this R80 really an old witch? 

Rebuilt two years ago by VTR Customs expressly to win the boxer & cafe racer sprint races in Glemseck, this R80RT was born as a Ticino cantonal police and has been modified with a Rotrex supercharger with a NOS self built injection system, special control unit Mectronics MKE1 and provided with launch control and pneumatic clutch. Lovely beast.

Vecchia strega? Realizzata due anni fa da VTR Customs espressamente per vincere le gare di accelerazione per cafe racer e boxer a Glemseck, questa R80RT era originariamente proprio una moto della polizia cantonale del Ticino. E’ stata modificata con turbo Rotrex con sistema di sovralimentazione NOS autocostruito, centralina speciale Mectronics MKE1 e dotata di launch control e frizione pneumatica. Bella bestia. 

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