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1952 Ferrari 342 America Cabriolet by Vignale 

The 342 America was intended as an especially luxurious and powerful custom road car for the Ferrari’s best clients. Built with an extended 2.650 mt. wheelbase to accommodate the enlarged 200 bhp Lampredi V-12, it saw a total production run of only six examples, for such clients as King Leopold of Belgium and Enzo Ferrari himself. It is unusual among road-going Ferraris in that each car was delivered with an even chassis number, carrying the suffix “AL” for “America Lungo,” and all had left-hand drive. Records indicate that 0232 AL was the very first 342 America built, and the first of three completed with cabriolet coachwork, in this case by Vignale, with the unique feature of slotted taillights recessed into the fenders. It was test-driven by the factory on 27 October 1952, and delivered to its first owner on 14 January 1953. 


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