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1989 Honda NX650 by ZZ Moto Workshop

Claudio Pedraza lives and works in Barcelona. In his fifties, he has been professionally involved in motorcycling for more than twenty-five years, mainly as a mechanic, setting up motorcycles for races, and as a builder. He spent most of his professional life around enduro and motocross races, disciplines that he really loves and in which he also inevitably played for years as amateur rider. Currently he run ZZMoto workshop, building mainly cafe racer, bobber and scrambler motorcycles. His philosophy is to build motorcycles with unique personality, but efficient and reliable. When he decided to build this NX 650 he had some things quite clear in mind. Since it wasn’t a commission, he had freedom to decide the specifics. The idea was to build a multipurpose bike: enough engine to have fun but no need for tons of hp. In addition, it had to be agile and fun off road, but not a pain in the ass when using it on a daily basis in a city like Barcelona.  Claudio told us the complete story...

"With the bike in my workshop I started adapting the tank of a Bultaco Mercurio GT that I bought specially for this build. It's very narrow and gives the classic Scrambler look I was looking for. At the same time, the subframe was redone in order to follow a unique and straight line profile. For me, this point is the key to achieve the desired personality. I also worked internally the front shocks to lower them five centimeters in order to achieve a more straight cross-like style also more according to the classic scrambler look. This work was critical as I had already decided to keep the stock 21-inch wheel as this measure is very useful when handling obstacles driving off road. Following I hand built a slightly short seat to show the final curve of the modified sub-frame. Adapting some other parts to the bike was the final stage to give this classic Scrambler look. A Montesa Cota 348 headlight, classic aluminum mudguards and fork gaiters, Renthal handlebar to achieve an excellent driving position. Regarding tires I am a fan of Continental TKC80 that offer great reliability in many sort of terrains. A special attention to the electrical installation that was highly simplified. A hand made box located under the seat holds the battery, ignition box, starter relay, fuses and regulator out of it. Doing this we achieve a very easy access to all the electrical components. Just lifting by we have free access to all of them, something that is deeply appreciated when electrical failure off road occurs. With the electrical installation rebuilt, frame finished and many pounds out, I just had to set up the engine. Fortunately the bike was in very good condition and not many kms over, so I did not need to do much more than oil change, spark plug upgrade and a fine valves set up. To take the best of each HP I focused on "breathing". So a Supertrapp exhaust and a K&N high flow air filter was the choice, followed by a fine carb adjust raising a few points its high jet needle.

Specs: Donor Model: 1989 Honda NX650 Engine: 644cc, 44 Hp. Stock Keihin carburetor tuned and rejetted. K&N Air Filter. Supertrapp exhaust. Stock Ignition. CDI Stock Front fork shortened five centimeters. New SAE15 oil Rear Suspension: Stock MonoShock. Tires: Continental TKC80. Modified rear Subframe. Gas tank: Bultaco Mercury GT. Handlebar: Renthal type. Zzmoto Handmade Seat. Headlight:Montesa Cota 348. Rear Light: Bullet type. Classic aluminum mud guards. 

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