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The Jay Leno's Ecojet

The EcoJet is a concept and custom car built by a collaboration between Jay Leno and GM, assembled by the Big Dog crew. This car doesn't have a piston engine, but runs using biodiesel in a Honeywell LT101 gas turbine. The 2-seater car has 2 fuel tanks: one for the biodiesel soya bean oil as main fuel (that's why "ecojet"), and the other for jet engine fuel. Jet fuel is used at the beginning and at the end of a trip in order to keep engine clean. Biodiesel is used in between. The exhaust air is over 500° Celsius, but could reach 1000° while performing full power. The point is that it smells like French fries! Not exactly what you would be looking for if you really aim to the top. The car is equipped with a computer and 2 LSD screens: one is the dashboard, an the other for navigation control since the car had no rear view mirrors, just cameras. In the video, the car reaches 256 km/h... Not bad, but not even a state of the art rocket, taken into account that many piston propelled sportcars are able to do better and without the smell of French fries... Still a nice peace of iron though...

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