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Yamaha SR500 "Single Shot" by Kruz Company

The idea of this build was to blend the performance and a japanese chopper influence on a SR.  The frame was cut behind the tank and rebuilt completely. Kruz tried to stay as closer as possible to the Japanese sporty chopper spirit. The whole of the under carriage was built with corm tubes, reinforced with two metal plates behind the engine with bubble drilling style. Cleared of all unnecessary tabs, the frame was adapted to receive all the electric components, with a lot of work on the beam, with maximum integration under the leather homemade saddle. The tank is a Yamaha RS 125 witj its bottom entirely rebuilt to rest on the large pipe which holds the oil reservoir with integrated temperature gauge in the front of the tank. The back mudguard comes from a HD which the team cut it lengthwise to make it slimmer. The side panels were homemade, with the oil radiator integrated in the side, like the Superbikes from the 80's, racing oil connectors and hoses, most of it integrated. The front was dropped 7 cm with progressive springs, long range light from the 70's, modified to hold a H4 bulb, with a overhang made with the rest of a recycled 750F tank. Details added include: Speedo GPS and tacho dual gauges, Lucas handlebar, Brembo levers, Venhill handles, grips with matching foot rests of the same colour of the bodywork. Original wheels were painted in epoxy black now wearing Continental Road Attack. Braking improvements were made: new floating disks were added with two Brembo calipers on bespoke brackets. The engine was in working order when it got to Kruz: it received a good clean, a few Vrinkel surface treatments,  few holes, a large Mikuni carburetor, custom stainless steel exhaust with Supertrapp muffler... and the Single Shot was ready to ride and head turning!

Inazumized pictures by Seb Nunes and Thierry Dricot

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