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Suzuki GN300 Brat Tracker by Trinta & Um

"We’ve built several GN based bikes - Antonio Camilo says - and decided to put all our knowledge and experience into this challenge. This request came from Simão! A very special request from an even more special dude! Simão is our videographer, an artist when it comes to capture the perfect shot and someone who loves flat track bikes! So, his request was a flat track bike that can endure any occasion, one he could use everyday and everywhere, on and off road. With flat track bikes there is nothing more important than performance, but, here at thirty & one, looks are also at the top of our list, even more if we are talking about a bike that also has to shine on the road. So for this compilation, the boys had to aim for the best balance between both worlds. We started by upgrading from the Suzuki stock cylinder to a 300cc configuration. The engine was completly dismantled for glass blasting and everything was buttoned with new rings, gaskets and a new chain of command. When it came time to work on the fuel system, the team resorted to an already tried and tested method by installing a new Mikuni carb with a capsule filter, so getting an exhaust system to support intake was vital. As for the frame, we revised the rear end with a new look by installing the small turn signals inside the subframe tube. The seat was a challenge, mostly because we knew that it was going to be the main piece responsible for adding some comfort to the ride. Simão didn’t make it any easier, 'I want it small, make it small, but comfortable!!' he said. The wheels were fully disassembled and the 18/18 conversion applied, with new spokes, bearings and seals. The tires choice for the road version were the avon mk2 400/18 and for the dirt track version the Duro HF. Now, suspensions! In the rear end we went with the appearance of a brat, modifying its interior for better road and off road stability. The front suspension was totally refurbished and lowered to get that brat look offering performance on flat track. The electrical system was completely redone and a new box was applied with a lithium battery, as a key ignition system installed. (car type) That’s it!! Another job done and happy days for Simão!! Looks like a brat, goes like a flat!” 

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  1. Must be fun jumping a bike with ZERO rear suspension travel.


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