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2000 BMW K1200RS custom cafe "bagger"

This is Arnie’s second major build. He previously built a cool but not very practical retro-mod-racer out of an early 4 valve  Guzzi Centauro. He loved his first project, but he found his bike best suited for going fast and loud to the corner coffee shop. So, he wanted to build another new technology / vintage looking sled, with optional capability to jump on it and tear off a few thousand miles in relative comfort and safety. He then chose this 2000 BMW K1200RS and he rode it stock from Seattle to Montana, where speed limits are more of a suggestion, and loved it. “Its fast and comfortable, and tolerable in the corners, for a 600 pound porker. The bike just devours open road and purrs like a kitten at triple digits. So after that summer, I began the tear-down. Imagine my horror when I saw the electronics, two big black boxes under all the Tupperware with wiring that looked like transcontinental data cables. It took a bit of time to work up the courage to start snipping, after determining which wires and relays made the bike go, and which just made some lights blink. There were relays and warning lights to tell you when the brake lights are out, and other warning lights to tell you when the warning light is out. All in all I took well over 50 kg’s of stuff off the bike, which now weighs in at a svelte 213 kg’s dry, without the touring gear (stock is 266 kg’s)”.

Specs: New fuel system, with Walbro pump, pre and post filters, all bolted to the underside of the tank. Heavily modified late 80’s Suzuki GS850 fuel tank. Custom fuel sender connecyed to the KOSO integrated speedo. 5” vintage CEV headlight bucket. Modified rear subframe. Idle dashpot and servo replaced with a manual one made from the front derailleur of an ancient Peugeot bicycle. K&Ns filters on short neoprene stacks. Zero gravity lithium ion battery mounted under the tank. Aprilia rear hugger. Custom exhaust swith titanium shell stainless muffler by Danmoto (20 pounds lighter than stock). Parts for the header collector from Cone Engineering. Reengineered electrics: Motogadget Blaze Pin turn signals; Bikemaster rear LED light with flasher, also pretty bright; Super loud Stebel air horn, compressor under the tank, horn mounted on the front forks. Remapped ECU with a Dynojet Power Commander (116 HP at the rear wheel at 9,000 rpm. Custom removable touring bits: Corbin seat, removable and lockable. Removable big toolbox under seat made from a .50 caliber ammo box. Convertibar handlebar. Vintage reproduction Buco Twinmaster hard bags, height adjustable Memphis Shades Slim windshield.

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