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Rocket Three, 2.3 lt cafe racer

When the bike came into Michael Hammer’s garage in the beginning of 2019, it was fully wrapped in chrome and skulls. Then Michael did what it does best: within three months, it stripped-back the entire bike to the bare frame to reveal the beauty of the beast. The design of this latest release resembles the first Hammer Kraftrad's Rocket 3 build, dated few months ago. In this cafe racer conversion, even the headlight's screen has been modified and set to a lower position. Michael Hammer gave this bike a brand new, custom made aluminium body: fuel tank, seat bench, fenders and fairing have been formed by his blacksmith-hands to get a clean and unique look. Unlike the first build, this bike doesn’t come with a new paint scheme, but the rough pureness of plain aluminium has been maintained. When it comes to the performance, the bike has been pushed to the limit. The 2.3 litre engine has been optimized on the test bench for an even higher torque. Ram air filters, protected by  the new fairing, and the Zard exhausts are doing the rest to bring its pure power onto the street. As usual for Michael works, the bike is street legal and certified by TÜV.

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