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Motostar/Zongshen Z200, custom rebuilt in Philippines by Ape Customs

For those who are not particularly in love of Chinese products, the Zongshen Chongqing Group is one of the five largest motorcycle manufacturers in China and the 200 GS (also known as Xplorer Z200, ZS200GS or simply 200GS), is its first line-up model of "Sport touring bikes". First introduced worldwide in 2004, the Z200 is continuously being sold in several countries, also under different brands such as Motorstar, Rego, Hausmotors,Zealsun and Yumbo. It is a popular motorcycle in Philippines since Zongshen designed the 200GS with economy in mind, powered by simple and reasonably reliable energy saving single-cylinder four-stroke 200 cc engine. The engine utilizes an old-school push rod valve system to ensure long-distance engine endurance, eliminating risks of timing chain failure due to the piling heat during a long-distance travel. Yet, the push rod design is a compromise to its top speed, allowing it to settle to a maximum of 120 km/h (75 mph) speed capability in its stock version.


Ape Customs - Roxas City, Philippines

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