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BMW F850GS Boardtracker Inspired by the Bauhaus centennial

This unique bike by Krautmotor’s was award winner at the BMW motorrad days in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. The motorcycle is a combination of retro vibes and distinctive modern elements. The minimal but aggressive features result is a very personal reinterpretation of the legendary 1969 BMW/5 classics. In the first seven months of 2019, Rolf Reick, the man behind Krautmotors, custom built the fork, tank, exhausts and seat and completely modified an R60/6 frame, shaping it in order to replicate the style of the classic lounge chairs by Marcel Breuer, who was a student at the Bauhaus in the years 1923-1928. Jochen lehmann, master coachbuilder from Baden-Württemberg, finalized the welding work based on the Rolf’s design. Christoph Liepelt and Marco Rose from BMW Motorrad supported the build with the cable harness. Despite this example was primarily designed as an exhibition vehicle, the bahuaus 100 is fully functional and ridable.

Photos by Marc Holstein

Krautmotors - Heidelberg, Germany

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