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1981 Yamaha XS650 Boardtracker

Almost every piece of the bike was made from scratch, from the front to the rear frame, this bike started off as sheets, pipes and aluminum plate. The goal was to make a bike based on Studio Motor's style. And that meant fabricating everything by theirself. First, they made a rolling hardtail chassis in perfect boardtrack style, which lowered the bike and shorted the wheelbase enhance the power footprint. To bild the frame, Studio Motor chose seamless pipes 1.25” and 1”, with 3.2 mm width. At the front enf, the Skinny features 41 mm telescopic forks matched with TK Japan Rims 19 x 2.50", while at the back thre is a 19 x 2.50" wheel. The tires are Shinko SR241 3.50-19 front and rear. The bespoke rear suspension is a pro link working in pair with a Kawasaki monoshock. The handmade bodywork was built using 3.2 mm aluminum sheets for the gas tank, the side battery box and the rear fender. 69 Nerakatau took care of the paintwork choosing dark silver from Sikkens combined with dark brown. The paintscheme was completed by goldleaf and pinstripping technique. The engine was vapor blasted and polished to refresh its look. The fat handlebar and the Jute Classic headlight completed the project together with the custom 2 in 2 exhaust system thought to match the classic theme with a strong sound. 

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