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1979 Suzuki GS750 Café Racer conversion

Apparently, the classic Suzies GS from the seventies are bikes very difficult to find in Spain. The owner of this bike, Jose, from Madrid, called Fran Manen telling him that he was interested in transforming his rare example of GS750, found in Mexico and expressly imported in Spain by himself. Fran immediately loved the idea of resto-modifying such a rare bike. The first thing he did was replacing the original handlebar with clip-ons and lowering the front suspension and the upper triple clamp was modified accordingly. The classic stock fuel tank was wisely preserved but the entire rest of the bodywork was subject to rebuild. A complete new tail and seat was handmade from steel plates while no side numbers were considered, exactly the way we like here, at Inazuma café, unless you are really going to race. New aluminium grids side panels were made instead with the historic logo of the GS750. The custom new colour scheme consisted of a pearl silver and dark candy red combination, very nice and stylish. Finally, in order to give a retro combat final touch to the job, the new tires chosen could have been perfect for a scrambler bike... As long as the owner likes the handling, we have no objections!


Lord Drake Kustoms - Miami, USA & Malaga, Spain 

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