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2019 Indian Scout Bobber Custom by LM Creations
Beginning of 2019 The Bigtwin Magazine and Indian Motorcycle Benelux announced that they were doing a design contest based on the Indian Scout bobber 2019. All needed to be done was to create a custom design for that bike. So what did Luuc Muis do, exactly that. But along the process Luuc kinda got over exited and away from designing just one, this turned into creating a family of custom scouts all with their own identity and fitting custom design fitting for the Indian heritage with the Scout in mind. One of the final designs was the Board-tracker Indian, a reference to the time of the infamous Wrecking Crew in Indians early days. Based on the original first Scout presented in 1920 now a 100 years later Luuc wanted to answer the question: “What if the visual design never developed in a hundred years, but technique did?” On 14 June, Indian told Luuc that he'd won. He had just 20 weeks to turn his ideas into metal but he made it, turning his sketches into the Bobber called Hasty Flaming Buffalo. "I started by reverse engineering the Bobber. - Luuc says in his website - I digitalized the engine with a scanner to get the exact geometry and dimensions to design around. With the 2D design as reference, the frame started to take shape 3D, via Autodesk Fusion 360 CAD software. Straight away, 16 parts were generated that needed to be milled from solid aluminum. These went to Scheffers Engineering in Norway, and were combined with tubing to create a new three-piece aluminum frame. The 69ci (1,133cc) V-twin engine was the only part of the original Scout that was kept original —aside from the axles. Everything else was designed and built from scratch. The tank forms part of the frame—there is no backbone under it—and hides the engine air intake, the air filter and the electronic brains of the Scout. They’re split into two boxes: a Moto gadget Mo-unit Blue control unit and a Carrot C32 engine management system. The tank is entirely handmade out of sheet metal. The left and middle sections hold the fuel and air intake, and the right side (where you can see the body gap) is a cover that hides the electronics, throttle body, air filter and fuel pump. To top it of a candy apple red finish with airbrushed Indian logos and an insane attention to detail. A selection of partners jumped into the fray. There’s a full carbon fork from CeraCarbon Racing, with diamond-cut ceramic-coated carbon fork tubes to add a modern race feel. The rear suspension is a one-off system inspired by modern MTB bike design. A set of one-off rims fitted with a custom Moto-Master brake system and Brembo calipers. Old Dutch Leatherworks made the seat and DNA Performance Filters produced a one-off air filter to fit the space underneath the gas tank. Kellermann supplied the ridiculously small turn signals, which also act as braking lights. And last but not least at the Akrapovic factory in Slovenia we work together on supplying the bike with a one of Titanium exhaust with titanium tips and laser engraved logo. All the bolts are lock wired for that race look, but besides looking like a racer it over performs the original Scout as well. I had it up on the Dyno at VDB works to tune the engine and besides the bike weighing only 191 Kg wet (70kg less than the original) we managed to put the following numbers op the screen: 107Hp at 7000rpm and a whopping 128Nm at 5300rpm (+7hp and +30.3Nm)".
Luuc Muis Creations - Groningen, the Netherlands

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