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Kawasaki Z1-R resto-mod by Sanctuary

Specs: Strengthen stock frame, powder coated. Engine re-installation via laser measurement and drive chain line offset aduste for 17” rims. OZ Racing Wheel for ZRX1200 (F 3.50-17 R 5.50-17) w/Pirelli Diablo (F 120 / 70-17 R 180 / 55-17). Ohlins ExM front fork. Brakes section: Sunstar 320mm rotor w/ Brembo CNC Radial Mount 484. Rear Sunstar 250mm w/ Brembo CNC 2P Black. Brembo RCS radial pump φ19 × 18 brake master cylinder. Brembo RCS radial pump φ16 × 18 clutch master cylinder. Allegri short system hoses. Posh Super Rover handlebar. Sculpture steering stem and wide swing arm. Ohlins rear shocks. EK530RCM drive chain. Upgraded engine with Pistal piston (compression ratio 10.5: 1), cylinder boring w/minimum tolerance search. Pams valves working in sintered alloy oversized valve guide / seat ring cut / minimum tolerance surface grinding. Pams clutch housing Convert KIT. Complete engine overhaul. Yoshimura Mikuni TMR-MJN φ38 Carburetor Dual Stack Funnel. Nitro Racing Titanium exhausts. Hand Bending EX + Straight Titanium V-1 Silencer . Notro Racing 11 inch 13 Row Round Oil Cooler. Revised electrics with MF Battery & PAMS Mosfet Type Regulator. Left and right ZX type handle S / W / multi-reflector headlight 05 Z1000 Genuine digital odometer + speedometer. AS Watani SP2 + Pams cord.

Sanctuary Real Complete Machine - Kashiwa (Chiba) Japan

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