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Unfortunately, last week-end in Verona I didn't take the pictures of all the friends and builders I would have liked, but this is hopefully a good sample of the extraordinary peolple who joined the party and made this event such a beautiful show.

Dino Romano
Biagio Longo (Scuderia del Sale) and "Uncle (Zio) Marco" (Unique Cycle Works)
Oscar Tasso di Oscar Classic Garage
Mr Nicola Martini
Albertino Soiatti  of Soiatti Moto Classiche
Brittway Garage - Roma
Lorenzo Buratti
Roberto Brodolini (Special Cafe), Ale "Phonz" Fontanesi & Marco Filios (Anvil), Cinzia Paallaoro
Franco "Frank" Augello of Moto Sumisura
Beppe Duecilindri of Ga-Ga Garage
Mauro Di Giovanni and Roberto Brodolini the men behind Special Cafe magazine
... And a girl on a bike
...And a girl on a bike again
...And... No: this is not a girl on a bike!
And, finally, a stupid rider on an Inazuma Cafe Racer

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