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Have a look at what happened in Verona last weekend... 
But please bear in mind that this is just an introduction and that...
The best is still to come!

The stand of Special Cafe magazine with a Triton
The stand of Cafe Racer mag... where the international contest took place
The stand of Kustom magazine, with the Spirit of Recod by R. Totti
The stand of Mr. Martini
The stand of Unique Cycle Works
The stand of Abnormal Cycles
The beautiful Suzy racer by Kiki custom at the stand of RAD magazine
The eye of Jerolamo by Mr. Martini
A detail of the awesome Norton 961 by Fugar Metal Worker

Sparta! By Brittway Garage

The disputed winner of the Cafe Racer contest by Kikishop

Contendants at the Cafe Racer contest
The fashion stand of 70tre (seventythree) custom
Special K contendants at the Lowride custom contest
Enfield dirt track at the evocative stand of the Gran Ferro

Mr Martini's famous Enfield special

The very successful stand of Seventies' helmets
The awesome Aprilia by the master Roberto Totti

The bikes at "Triumph che passione"
Suzy Fuez by Bizzarrino

1 comment:

  1. Bella fiera!!

    ora speriamo anche in Roma..
    Dopz - eem


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