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1967 Ferrari 330 GTS by Pininfarina
V12, 3967.44cc, 300 BHP @7000 rpm, 242 km/h 

Following in the footsteps of the 275 GTS, the 330 GTS was designed with the intention of providing Ferrari’s best customers with the finest open-top motoring experience that money could buy. First unveiled to the public at the Paris Motor Show in October 1966, its coachwork was unmistakably Pininfarina. Characterized by its shallow egg-crate oval grille and triple louvered vents just aft of the front wheels, as well as its tapered tail that was first seen on the 275 GTS, this was sporting Italian elegance at its best. Only 100 examples were built when production concluded in late 1968 compared to nearly 600 coupe versions, making it considerably rarer than its closed counterpart. This example, which was pre-owned by four gentlemen and was repainting twice during its life, is currently on auction by Sotheby's and it's estimated around 2 million dollars worth!


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